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How to work with Rodanar Pallets?

Rodanar Pallets designs and produces standard pallets and custom products. For this purpose, Rodanar Pallets has developed an efficient and flexible production process which uses the latest technology and meets the strictest quality requirements. As a result, you can count on high quality products. A close cooperation with Rodanar Pallets consists of seven steps.


1. Analysis

First we perform a thorough analysis of your needs: what exactly do you need? From this analysis we attempt to act on your needs as well as possible. We are pleased to deploy our know-how and experience in this. By offering you better alternatives for your transport, we help you to increase your profitability and consequently also your profits.


2. Research & development

Rodanar Pallets attaches a great deal of importance to R&D. We continually strive to optimise our processes and materials. As a result, we are able to design and produce pallets  that meet your requirements. Our solutions will reduce your pallet costs.


3. Technical drawing

With every quote, we provide you with a technical drawing of your pallet. In this way, you will know exactly how your product will look.


4. Pilot production

Before we make a start on your order, we produce a pilot pallet. You will thus be able to check whether our product meets your requirements.


5. Client approval

Rodanar Pallets begins the production of your order once the pilot pallet fully meets your requirements.


6. Production

Once the pilot pallet has been approved, your order is passed on to production. Various check points and the latest computer-controlled machines guarantee you a fast and high quality result.


7. Prompt delivery

Your pallets are ready. They look exactly like you ordered them. The quantities are correct. Rodanar Pallets delivers them where and when you want them. We also remain at your disposal after delivery.

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