Family company with history

Rodanar Pallets is a Belgian family company in Flanders which has been producing wooden pallets, boxes and crates since 1982.  All through our company history, innovation, quality and service have played a central role.


Roger Grauwet, Daniël Verhelst and Arnold VermoortelfoundedRodanar on Zandvoordsestraat in OudenburgIn 1980(MPT-rule). The name was derived from the first letters of each person's first name and the company specialized in the trading of firewood.


In Oudenburg we also began the manual production of two-way pallets without   bottom deck for the construction industry.


Rodanar moved from Oudenburg to Snaaskerke; the companyproduced firewood in 1 hangar of the former Verhelst brickyard and further expanded the production of wooden pallets.


Rodanar ceased the firewood trade.


Rodanar invested in the first production line for the production of two-way pallets without  bottom deck.


Rodanar invested in the first production line for the production of 4-way pallets.


Rodanar began the collaboration with OptimaT. An enclave was set up in Snaaskerke, where custom-made pallets, boxes and crates were produced.


Rodanar began a second enclave in Lichtervelde in collaboration with OptimaT.


Rodanar has ten high technology lines and dozens of manual workstations spread over two sites. Rodanar also has 4 drying kilns for the drying and heat treatment of pallets. The company also has exceptional contacts with sawmills. All this results in high flexibility, a sustained quality level and first rate service.

Rodanar continued to develop new systems and was continuously searching for product improvements to allow you to carry out your transport even more safely, more efficiently and more profitably.


Rodanar invested in an eleventh high technology production line for the production of 4-way pallets. On this line 9 pallets are fully automatically produced per minute and they fulfil the strictest quality requirements. Two additional drying chambers were installed and the two OptimaT enclaves were centralised on the site in Lichtervelde. As of that moment, mass production takes place on the Snaaskerke site and all 'specials' are produced in Lichtervelde.


'Pallets' is added to the company name: Rodanar Pallets.

Would you like to cooperate with us? To settle a meeting, contact us through
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