Modern production process

Over the past 30 years, Rodanar Pallets has applied itself to the efficient production of pallets, crates and boxes in small and large quantities. We produce approximately four million pallets each year, both for single use and reuse. Rodanar Pallets combines considerable sector expertise with far-reaching technical know-how and an innovative focus, perfectly adapted to custom work. We guarantee reliable solutions and short lead times at competitive prices.

Rodanar Pallets has eleven modern pallet lines that guarantee faultless and fast production of customized pallets. The use of the latest techniques and up-to-date equipment ensures a high-quality end product that will perfectly suit your needs and wishes. Due to the high capacity — 25,000 pallets and crates per day — we can also produce your order within a very short time.

Customized pallets

With our advanced machine park and thanks to our specialised personnel, we are able to produce both standard pallets and custom work in a cost-efficient manner. 30% of our production is made up of standard pallets: EPAL, CP, VMF etc. The machines can be quickly adapted to produce another type of pallet. We can also quickly adapt the finish of the pallets to meet your wishes: brand marking, painting, chamfering, corner edging etc.

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