Customized pallets

Maybe standard pallets do not meet your specific requirements? In that case, Rodanar Pallets will seek along with you a solution that fully corresponds to your needs. And that solution might also contribute to your company image.

Your own company pallets will contribute to the image that your clients have of your company. They prove that you care about your products and that you think it is important that they should be delivered  in the best possible conditions at your client's premises. Often such pallets are a necessity, as your products demand a unique approach. Rodanar Pallets has the experience and know-how to develop these pallets for you.

Quality has a central role

Rodanar Pallets specializes in customized orders. When designing your pallet we take your requirements into account: weight, type of product, type of load, number of tradings etc and focus attention on the quality of the traded product.

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