Consideration for the environment

Wood, the most important raw material for Rodanar Pallets, is an expensive good. We are very aware that, as a wood producer, we have a large responsibility towards the environment. For this reason, we contribute to sustainable forest management via the PEFC label.

Rodanar Pallets delivers pallets with the PEFC label: the wood of our pallets comes from responsibly managed forests. In order to be sure that forest management satisfies the PEFC principles and criteria, the forests are assessed by independent certifiers. They not only inspect the management plans, but also check whether these plans are actually complied with in the forest.




Thorough checking

Rodanar Pallets only works with suppliers in regions where forest cultivation takes place in a responsible manner. The raw materials are properly checked and registered. On delivery, too, thorough supervision takes place. Rodanar Pallets also works towards increased environmental awareness in other areas: We try to stimulate the recycling of wooden pallets. In addition, the protective products that we use are environment-friendly.

Solar panel park

In 2009 Rodanar Pallets installed some 2600 m² of solar panels, which have a total production capacity of 312 KVA, in other words enough for half of the electricity required for average production. In this way, we attempt to reduce our ecological footprint and to produce in a sustainable manner.

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