Our assets for the chemical sector

CP pallets are standardized pallets that are above all used by chemical companies and their suppliers. Rodanar Pallets always has them available and can deliver them quickly. In contrast to many other producers, Rodanar Pallets has also applied itself to the production of customized pallets for the sector.

In collaboration with the chemical industry, 9 standard pallet dimensions and constructions have been put together. The Association of Plastic Manufacturers Europe (APME) set the basis for the standardization and supervises compliance with it. As a result of the standardization of wood dimensions and scale of operations, Rodanar Pallets CP pallets are attractively priced. Most CP pallets can be delivered from stock. In addition, Rodanar Pallets also offers customized pallets that fully correspond to the requirements of companies in the sector.

Rodanar Pallets products for the chemical sector:

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