Construction sector

Our assets for the construction sector

Pallets for the construction sector must have an exceptional price-quality ratio, irrespective of the ordered quantity. They must be able to transport your products efficiently. In addition, they must be able to be delivered quickly. With its high production capacity and unique products, Rodanar Pallets is perfectly able to respond to the requirements of the sector.

Rodanar Pallets has a long tradition in the construction sector in which personal contact has proven to be very important. For this reason, we invest a lot of time to ensure that your needs are properly taken into account. Rodanar Pallets offers all capacities at a good price. Both clients who need a small quantity of pallets and clients who want to order a large quantity will find the most competitive price with Rodanar Pallets. Our deliveries generally take place within 5 working days but standard pallets can even be delivered  1 day after they have been ordered, just-in-time.

Rodanar Pallets products for the construction sector:

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