Our assets for the logistics sector

Pallets form an essential link in your logistics chain. Next to pallets, Rodanar Pallets also designs crates. They increase your efficiency for internal logistics, storage and transport. The better the wooden packaging is aligned with your logistics processes, the more advantages you will have. We know your market and have developped wooden packaging, perfectly fit to its needs, for many other companies. Together with you, Rodanar strives towards reliable quality customized pallets, at a good price, irrespective of the quantity ordered.

Many logistics companies look for wooden pallets that are better adapted to the characteristic properties of the products that they transport or to the characteristic properties of their logistics conditions. Rodanar Pallets knows the sector well and has already developed many pallets that are better suited to the specific needs of logistics companies. These pallets help companies save space and energy, and as a result they are able to offer their clients even more competitive prices.

Large production capacity

In addition to the know-how that Rodanar Pallets has built up for the development of specific pallets over all these years, the company has a high production capacity which means that deliveries can take place as early as the first day following the order. Fast availability is very important in the logistics sector. The production and logistics of Rodanar Pallets are fully adapted to this demand.

Rodanar Pallets products for the logistics sector:

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