Free analysis of your current pallets by Rodanar Pallets from Gistel

Are you using the right pallets? And are you not paying too much for them? Rodanar Pallets offers you a free analysis of the pallets that you are using.

A large number of purchasers do not have sufficient time to keep up to date with pallet prices and not every pallet manufacturer is suitably equipped to be able to produce specific pallets efficiently. This means that you can sometimes pay too much for your pallets. In addition, in a number of cases there are possibly more appropriate models for the support of your business processes. Thanks to Rodanar Pallets, you are able to avoid this situation. We offer a free inspection of your pallet policy and look into whether there are better or cheaper alternatives. By using other pallets, you could perhaps increase the efficiency of your transport at a lower price: we sort it out for you free of charge. This is an approach that ties in with our strategy: at Rodanar Pallets we strive to build a solid relationship with our clients.

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